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A Study on the Effect of Yoga Therapy on
Menstrual Disorders in Teenage Girls

Jayalakshmi *

*Dept. Yogic Science, Mangalore University - Konaje


The present project is based on the application of yoga as a health science. This uses the therapeutically aspects of yoga in curing one of the ailment called menstrual problems or menstrual disorders in women.

Most of the women face menstrual problems at least once in a life time. Yoga is one of the illustrious ways to cure menstrual delays. yoga is one of the ways of correcting menstrual delays. There are several ways of treating menstrual delays. However, most of the women prefer to correct such menstrual problems through yoga. Yoga is preferred by many as it is regarded as one of the natural ways of treating menstrual problems. Women should practice yoga to keep themselves fit and fine keeping in mind their physique, age and physical activities. Daily practice will help them to improve on their figure, impart energy and prevent various uterine and ovarian disorders during pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga is precious gift which can enrich human life. Yoga helps to get a balanced body and mind. Practicing yoga not only helps you to get rid of health problems but also helps to reduce stress. Thus it is very important to practice yoga regularly to obtain maximum benefit out of it and live a healthy life.


The present study is entitled 'Effect of Yoga Therapy on Menstrual Disorder in Teenage Girls'. For this 28 girls who are suffering from menstrual disorder were selected from 9th standard students Vishwamangala English medium school, Konage. For 30 days program from 6thFebruary to 15th march. They were randomly divided into an experimental group and a control group. Yogic practices were progressively introduced to the experimental group on six days in a week for one hour from 3 to 4 pm .The control group was not to any yogic practices. Both the group underwent to BP, height, weight, and BMI measurement at baseline, at 15 days and at 30 days. A set of questionnaire was also administrated. To both group at the baseline and at 30 days. The results of various tests were analyzed using students t test. After the yoga therapy was variable.

This study depicts that yogic practices are helpful in managing menstrual disorders.

Materials and methods:

The study was conducted at the Vishwamangala English medium high school.

Age range was 13-15 years.

The study was conducted for the period of 30 days from 6th February to 15th march. The practices were taught 6 days in a week 3.00pm to 4.00pm.

There were 28 girls who were suffering from menstrual problems and are willing to undergo yoga therapy program. A detailed case history of each subjects as taken. The subjects were divided into two groups experimental and control group. In experiment group 15 subjects and in control group 13 subjects.

The control group was not exposed to any yogic practices. Yoga was introduced to the experimental group which contained a set of 22 practices which include asana, pranayama & relaxation techniques in proper sequence. All the practices were taught gradually sufficient rest was given in between the practices wherever needed.

The instruments used are: Blood pressure reading, Weight, Body mass index, Questionnaire.

Yoga training

Yoga, practices which we thought to relieve during the period menstruation.

Asana training for a period of 1 month that is 6.2.2013 to 15.3.2013.

Asanas like: Swastikasana, Tadasana, Vajrasana, Suptavajrasana,Paschimattanasana, Purvottanasna, Trikonasana ,Prashwakonasana Pavanamuktasana, Bhujangasana Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana Upavishatkonasana, BaddakonasanaJanusisrsanana, Viparitakarani, Uttanapadasana

Pranayamas: Ujjayi Anuloma viloma Bhastrika Savasana 0, Yoga nidra


After the 30 days of practice, there was a reduction in pain during the time of menstruation and a statistical changes in the answers of the questionnaire was found. The value of t-test for questionnaire is significant at 0.0002363 level of confidence. The result of the studies are shown below.

Sl. No

1 SISTOLIC B.P 115.2 115.4667 70589466 70576907 0.1048 0.918 NS
2 DIASTOLIC B.P 6804 68.5333 8.72435 11.0186 0.0359 0.9718 NS
3 WEIGHT 50.2333 50.32 10.56981 9.0900664 0.1015 0.9206 NS
4 WATER 21.84 46.6 25.55187 19.79462 2.0813 0.08258 NS
5 FAT 13.42 18.92 15.82142 11.39563 1.4605 0.1946 NS
6 BMI 20.455333 20.619333 3.964717 4.0967041 0.2514 0.8052 NS
7 QUESTIONAIRE 7.933333 5.4 2.914659 3.042555 4.8316 0.0002363 S

S - Significant                NS - Non-significant


In the present study, the result of experimental group were proved to be statistically significant, whereas in control group there was no significant result. Every member felt improvement after the yoga therapy programme.

The statistical analysis of the results show that, there is a significant changes in the answers of the questionnaire at 0.0002363 level of significance As per the effect of yoga on menstrual disorder results of the patients before and after the practice, it is known that there is notable reduction in pain during the period of menstrual cycle.

Reduction in weight is also seen in 5 members of the experimental group, one of the patient in experimental group who is suffering from headache during the time of menstruation was found better result after the practice of yoga.

It is evident from the above results that all the 15 subjects responded to the treatment positively, but the variation of the rate of success could be dependent upon the regularity of practice, life style and attitude.

Thus the study clearly shows that yoga therapy is helpful to overcome painful menstruation.


Yoga is already been beneficial in improving the path physiological aspects. In this study we found that there was noticeable decrease in pain, cramps, vomiting sensation, fever and stress. This can be attributed to proper strengthening of muscles in the thigh and pelvic area and relaxed mind.

By doing asana pranayama and yoga nidra there was a release of endophrins, potent brain chemicals, neuromodulators , which help in coping with pain, thus helps to overcome from menstrual problem. The asanas, which were given, stimulated their hunger and strengthen their muscles especially In the pelvic region. This is turn to provide them with more energy to cope up with stress and day to day pressure of students especially for teenage girls.

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