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Yoga Courses at ANHC Goa - India
  • ANHC Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt Ltd. Goa India conducts courses in Yoga all through the year.
  • ANHC deals with Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.
  • The courses are affiliated with YPAI (Yoga & Psychotherapy Association of India). YPAI is associated with World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP) and the Asian Federation for Psychotherapy (AFP).
  • ANHC is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • ANHC has received National Award in Ayurveda Health Care Excellence.
  • ANHC is Recognised, Recomended and Authorised by the Tourism Department of state Goa - India.
  1. Intensive training course in yoga
    Course highlight: 200 hours of professional training to fulfill the requirement of teachers training.
    Course duration: 6 weeks
    Course contact hours: 5 and ½ hours per day
    Total course fee (inclusive of food and accommodation): Euro 2100
  2. Intensive course in yoga with monsoon offer
    Course highlight: 200 hours of professional training to fulfill the requirement of teachers training. Plus 3 weeks of professional course in ayurveda free along with the yoga course.
    Course duration: 6 weeks
    Course contact hours: 5 and ½ hours per day
    Total course fee (inclusive of food and accommodation): Euro 2100
  3. Professional course in yoga
    Course highlight: Professional training programme to complete 265 hours of training which fulfills the international criteria to practice alternative system of medicine.
    Duration: 3/5/6 weeks
    Course contact hours: 2 hours per day.
    For professional course ANHC offers to compact the long term course in short duration. For eg. The 6 weeks course can be compacted in 3 weeks by extending the learning hours from 2 hours per day to 4 hours per day and the 3 or 5 weeks course can be compacted in any no of days as of the avaialibility of the student by increasing the course contact hours to complete the said no of total learning hours.
  4. Short Term Course in Yoga
    The course is of 3 days/ 5 days/ 6 days duration comprising of 90 min per session.
    It is designed for clients availing Ayurveda and interested to have a little know-how on yoga. And also for clients who would like to dedicate some time out of their holidays for yoga
  5. Therapeutic Yoga
    Is designed by the Ayurvedic Physician on consultation and examination.
    Yoga postures and Pranayama breathing exercises are designed to meet individual body physique.
    Is indicated for patients to whom Panchakarma is contraindicated in which case they can undergo yogic theraphy. The session is of one hour duration.
  6. Drop in Yoga session
    11/2 hour duration yoga session at various intervals all days also on sunday. It is a combined session of postures, breathing exercise and mind body relaxation measures.
    Clients are suggested to carry individual yoga mats. In exceptional cases ANHC will provide yoga mats.

Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Goa India offers courses in Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • ANHC offers courses in Ayurveda and Yoga and on allied subjects of Diet, Nutrition, Well-Being, etc.
  • The courses are short term and long term. The short term courses are practical oriented and long term courses are theoretical and practical.
  • The courses on allied subjects are for clients under Ayurveda Treatment package and wish to learn more on Ayurveda and Yoga. These courses are also available for other interested learners otherwise.
  • *The short term courses are available with accommodation, meal facility and also transport to and fro the Dabolim airport Goa on additional tariff.
  • The courses are conducted at the Ayurvedic centre Calangute. Except for courses marked under * wherein the courses are conducted at the Ayurvedic Centre Saligao for clients staying at the Saligao centre.
  • The long term courses are conducted on the determined dates, whereas the short term courses are conducted on dates as of availability of the student and the teacher with prior confirmation.
  • It is mandatory for the course student to stay in the premises of the centre during the course curriculum. And in case of non availing the facilities there will be no reduction in fees since the fee structure is designed to suit a student to enroll for the course and avail meal and accommodation. Only students having home in Goa are exceptions in which case the course tarrif will be an added amount of 5%.
  • Swimming pool facility is available at calngute centre, but the same is available on and as when basis and not part of the course curriculum.
  • The fee structure of the course is designed on various criteria of type of the course, level of the course, study hours, syllabus & more . Debate on the same will therefore not be entertained.

Course Highlights:
  • The kowledge for pursuing career to earn revenue from the knowldege learnt.
  • To envisage the knowledge as a supplement to earn additional benefits.
  • To upgrade the skills in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • To learn the skills for self benefit.
  • To learn the knowledge for the benefit of the family and friends.
  • To learn the skills for promotion of health and prevention of diseases.
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Yoga at ANHC Goa Services at ANHC Goa India
  • - Professional Ashtanga Yoga Courses.
  • - Thorough know how on theory & practical aspects.
  • - Learn, Deliver, Practice Yogic Therapy.
  • - Well Qualified Professional Faculty.
  • - Affliated with YPAI.
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