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Benefits of asana

The regular practice of Yogasanas has an immense amount of therapeutic value. Besides various physiological benefits, they positively affect our minds, our life force energies as well as our creative intelligence.
Regular practice helps to keep our body fit, controls cholesterol level, reduces weight, normalizes blood pressure and improves heart performance. Physical fitness thus achieved leads to reduction of physical stress and greater vitality. Asanas harmonize our pranic ability and mental energy flow by clearing any blockages in the subtle body leading to mental equilibrium and calmness. They make the mind strong thus enabling our human body to suffer pain and unhappiness stoically and with fortitude.

Various Categories of Yogasanas
Consummate mastery over the entire gamut of asanas is no doubt time-consuming, but what is of vital importance is the will to remain in the present moment and to let both the mind and body relax completely.
The various categories of asanas are:
  • Standing Asanas,
  • Forward Bending Asanas,
  • Supine Asanas,
  • Inverted Asanas,
  • Abdominal and Lumbar Asanas,
  • Twisting Asanas,
  • Back Bending Asanas and
  • Balancing Asanas.

  • Standing Asanas:

    Beginners should start with these as they bring elasticity in joints and muscles and build up stamina and physical stability. This constitutes the most basic training in the early stages of yoga practice. Some basic standing poses are, Tadasana, Vrikshaasana, Trikonasana, Vatayanasana and Padahastasana.

    Forward Bending Asanas:

    In these postures the posterior half of the body is stretched. These prepare you to proceed further in yoga and bring consistency in the development of physical and mental pliability. Examples of such asanas are, Janushirasana, Paschimotanasana, Ugarasana and Padahastasana.

    Sitting and Supine Asanas:

    Sitting upright and supine extending positions help a sadhaka prepare physically and mentally for pranayama. Some of them are Gaumukhasana,Veerasana,Vajrasana, and Padmasana so on.

    Inverted Asanas:

    These help recover from everyday stress. They give vitality, mental balance and emotional stability. These are Urdhva Mukha Svanasa and Adho Mukha Svanasa.

    Abdominal and Lumbar Asanas:

    These tone and massage the abdominal organs and strengthen the pelvic and lumbar areas. Shirshpadaunghastasana and Marijariasana are some examples of such asanas.

    Twisting Asanas:

    It consists of lateral stretching and twisting of the spine, toning the internal organs and reaching new horizons while tranquilizing the mind. These are, Vakarasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana and Matsyendrasana.

    Back Bending Asanas:

    These bring physical and mental sharpness and alertness. The postures are the opposite of forward bends as are the effects. In forward bends the posterior spine is extended, bringing consistency and mental peace, whereas in back bends the anterior spine is extended and stretched. The effect is invigorating and enlivening. Such asanas are, Supatavejarasana, Ustrasana and Matsyasana.

    Balancing Asanas:

    These strengthen the arms and wrists and exercise the abdominal organs. They also make the body feel light and help attain a good bearing. Sarvangasana, Sirsasana, Bakasana, Padembakasana, Ekpadaunghastasana and Uttketasana are some of the balancing asanas.

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